There seems to be so many quality blogs on Web 2.0 Vietnam. Still, this blog would be another kind of animal.

I’m the CEO of Vinalive, an online solutions company with a vision to bring Vietnam online to help Vietnamese people live a happier and more fulfilled life by creating disruptive & engaging online experience.   This Blog would serve that ambition by soliciting yours ideas and comments on how we can do this.

I know some people may call this personal PR, personal branding, corporate PR, whatever you name it.

Given this, I understand how difficult it is to make you feel comfortable here. Therefore, you will see that the issues I raised is not only a way to PR myself or my company. In addition, it would try to reveal something that might be of your interest.

Thank you in advance for leaving your comments here.

Harry D

Updated (May 11, 2009): Vinalive refocused, renamed “The PhunuNet Company” to ride on PhunuNet’s traction, with a mission “to organize Vietnamese women’s life”.