Zing Chat prepares to sword Yahoo Chat

VinaGame is final testing its Zing Chat IM for an official launch in early November. In fact they bought the popular QQ IM from Tencent and localized it for the Vietnamese market.

VinaGame is more known in Vietnam for its online game. Some PR work in Vietnamese media stated the company’s revenues at $40 million (amazing!). Their games are mostly licensed from Chinese supplier. Now the company is hoping it can become Vietnam’s Tencent and its coming IPO next year would make it laugh all the way to the bank, at least similar to the story of Mr. Ma’s Tencent in Hong Kong. Tencent is worth $8b, so why Vietnam with 17 million Internet users, a tenth of China’s Interent population, should not be worth north of $800m?

VinaGame is dreaming big before with the launch of social networking Yobanbe and music search engine Zing MP3. They’ve just launched their Zing portal. Now came in the IM sword. It seems VinaGing is very serious.

Zing Chat has a bundle of strong points. It offer many cool and cute avatars, very 3D polished indeed. This might be welcomed by Vietnamese teenagers, who are using Chat services like there’s no tomorrow. It can webcam chat with 5 persons at the same time. Sending file is a click at ease. It is integrated with Zing MP3 so that you can listen to popular Vietnamese songs. VinaGame plans to develop more entertainment apps for their QQ pet, so expect more to come.

However, it seems Zing Duck will find it difficult to sword at elephant Yahoo IM’s back. Vietnamese users has so attached to Yahoo that leaving Yahoo IM for Zing QQ seems unbelievable to most. Zing Chat is heading to become the multifunctional Swiss knife with a strong confidence than ever. However I very suspect the effectiveness of this approach.

You can listen to Vietnamese music song with Zing Chat. Ha! Teen should be more comfortable using another online music services like Baamboo, 7Sac, Uizaa, NhacVui, and even Zing MP3 itself. Or for a very smart teen, why should not download the songs she likes from these services and play it from her desktop with Microsoft’s zurassic Music Player? How about sending multi GB file? You can use yousendit, or megaupload, or FPT’s xiklo. Cool and polished avatars cannot help here. The only thing that I like is webcam chat with 5 persons. Might be VinaGame has just found out that Vietnamese teenagers love video conferencing, as many of them love to become future business executives some time? Even that way, can you chat with 5 people and looking at 5 screens at the same time and find it’s a worthy Internet experience?

I like Zing’s ideas and their ambition, but feel anxious if they are going to battle Yahoo this way. You cannot overcome the market leader by becoming better.

Or maybe you can, and you make the history.

Of course I have enough time to wait and see.